Bolt Torque & Tensioning

Our total job capability uniquely positions us to provide a full project solution without the requirement for multiple contractors. Our experienced and competent technicians provide solution to all bolting requirements from start to finish, including the design of tightening procedures, advice on preferred equipment to be utilised, on the job installation and tightening, and post job reporting.

Oil Flushing

We are aware that solid particulate contamination is the largest cause of component failure in hydraulic and lube oil systems. However, we know that with effective oil flushing, this contamination can be eliminated. Our team of specialist oil flushing technicians are trained, not just on the specific flushing equipment, but also in the philosophy of flushing.

Air Blowing

The process of Air Blowing is used for both the cleaning and drying of process systems and pipe work. At Mavicam our team of specialists’ carryout this post construction activity for intervention to ensure that a system is free of debris, before a decompression air blow can take place.